Hypernova ULTRA Burr Set for VS3 Grinder

US$ 84.90

Key Performance Differences:

  • Hypernova Ti: (440 Stainless Steel Titanium & Plasma Coated) For espresso and filter. (Hardness HRC67) + Pre-Crushing Teeth.
  • Pre-Crushing Teeth to improve grinding efficiency, consistency.
  • Extra finishing process to remove surface imperfections.
  • Coated with a thermal plasma spray technology.
  • Improved top end range for espresso particle distribution at finer sizes.
  • Medium body, vibrant clarity and definition, balanced profile and higher acidity.



Improved top end range for espresso particle distribution at finer sizes.

Increased body, increased clarity and high definition of flavour, improved balance and acidity.

440 Stainless Steel Base material improves edge hardness to HRC65.

An extra process is added to polish the burr on a micron level to remove any tiny imperfections and an added dual coating titanium and thermal plasma is added to create an edge hardness of HRC67.


The Hypernova ULTRA has an updated geometry and pre-crushing teeth to deal with lighter roasts and denser variaties of coffee.

The titanium & plasma coating will also offer an improvement to the consistency of particle sizes.


The plasma coated burrs will have an increase in durability and also heat resistance. The burrs will stay cooler on the cutting edge during grinding and as a result this will impact the overall durability and sharpness of the cutting edge.


The grinding range of the titanium coated burr vs the regular stainless steel will be improved at the top end of finer particle sizes.

Laser Paticle Analysis

Espresso & Filter
Espresso #4
Filter # 10