Varia Digital LED Scale With Timer - User Manual





Maximum weight: 3kg


0.3 ~ 500g: 0.1g
500 ~ 1000g: 0.5g
1000 ~ 3000g: 1g

Timer Display: 4-Digit Digital LED

Maximum count up time: 99 minutes 59 seconds.

Power source: DC 6V 4 x AAA batteries

Automatic sleep mode: Approx. 3 minutes

Accuracy Assurance Range:

1. This product is manufactured and tested according to the technical standards of the Measurement Act.

*Weight range is 0.3g ~ 3000g

2. When heated objects are placed on the scale the weight may fluctuate (accuracy ± 2g).

3. The variance of gravity from region to region may cause detrimental errors.


1. Touch the ON/OFF switch to turn it on.

Place the scale on a horizontal level surface. When the power is turned on, all letters and symbols will appear on the scale display. "0’00” / 0.0g" will appear on the display. If anything other than "0.0g" appears, press the "ON/OFF" switch 2 seconds the power and turn the scale off. Then try turning it back on.

*Please make sure that nothing is on the scale when turning it on.

2. When an object is placed on the weighing platform the weight will be displayed.

*Make sure the display is showing ”0.0g” before placing anything on the scale.

*Place objects in the center of the weighting platform.

*The maximum display range is up to 3000g.

If anything heavier than(3000g) is placed on the scale “Err” will be displayed.

3. Remove objects from weighing platform and press ”ON/OFF “ (about 2 seconds) to turn off.

How to measure/tare/weigh items in containers

1. Press the“ON/OFF”switch to turn on

2. When the container is placed on the scale the weight will be displayed.

*Make sure the display is showing”0.0g”before placing anything on the scale.

* Place objects in the center of the weighing platform.

3. Press the“ TARE”switch and “0.0g”will be displayed.

4. Only the weight of the content in the container will be displayed.

*If the weight of the container and its contents are heavier than the maximum weight range “Err” will be displayed.

5. When the container and contents are removed “—” will be displayed.


1. Please use a slightly damp cloth to clean the main body of the product. Use a mild detergent to wipe hard to clean areas.
2. Do not use thinners, benzene, gasoline, kerosene or alcohol to clean for this product. It may cause deterioration and/or discoloration..


1. Press “START STOP” to start the timer.

2. Press “START STOP” once to pause the timer, Press “START STOP” again to resume timer.

3. Press “START STOP” for about 2 seconds will reset the timer to zero.

Battery Precautions

Please follow the directions below. If batteries are misused it may lead to battery solution leakage or explosions. and may cause product malfunction and injury.

* Please make sure the polarities(+/-)are facing the correct directions .

* Please remove old batteries from the product as soon as possible.

* When the product will not be used for an extended period of time please remove batteries.

Do not short circuit, disassemble, heat or place batteries in fire. It will lead to over heating, battery solution leakage or explosion. Keep batteries out of reach of children If swallowed, consult a physician immediately. If alkaline solution leaks from batteries on to skin or clothes wash thoroughly with clean water. If solution gets in to eyes, wash thoroughly with clean water and consult a physician immediately. When disposing or storing batteries, please insulate batteries with tape or other methods. If they come in contact with other metals or batteries it may cause fires or explosions.

How to replace the batteries

1. Remove the battery cover on the back of the product.

2. Remove the old batteries and then place in the new batteries of the same brand with “+” and “-” facing the correct direction.

3. Replace the battery cover and click it back into place.

* When the battery runs low while the scale is in use, “Lo” will be displayed. Please replace the batteries immediately.

*Please follow the rules of your local environmental policy when disposing batteries.

Handling Precautions

1. This is a precise instrument, please do not drop and avoid strong impact as it may cause the product to malfunction.

2. Place objects to be weighed gently onto the weighing platform, dropping the product may cause malfunctions.

3. When storing the product do not place anything on or load the weighing platform with other objects,It many lead to malfunctions.

4. Please use on a flat stable surface where the product will not slip. unstable surfaces may lead to the proper weight not being displayed or cause the scale to fall.

5. Please do not stick fingers in openings. It may cause injuries.

6. Do not place in areas that are subject to high temperatures. High temperatures many cause deterioration of the product surface or cause fires. Please avoid leaving the product near stoves, other heating devices and exposed to direct sunlight.

7. Mobile RF communication devices may affect the measurement of electronic scales. When use it should avoid strong electromagnetic interference, such as near mobile phones, microwave ovens, etc., It may cause malfunctions.

8. Do not use when the product has been heated ,disassembled, modified or immersed in water as this may cause malfunctions the product to malfunction.


Q: Can I turn off the power saving mode function? my scale keeps turning off when brewing.

A: The scale does not power off, instead it just enters sleep mode if there is not activity in order to preserve battery life, if you notice the scale entering sleep mode but you are still brewing, just tap the scale platform to make a weight adjustment it will wake up again with the measurements still active from its memory.